Shoes-, kimono-H&M, Leggings- ZARA, Body chain- ASOS, glasses- SIXX

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!! Yep, now I am 20 years old. Time flys quickly which is really scary haha.
But I feel very inspired the last few days which means a lot of new pictures are coming soon <3 p="">

I am back !!!! And guess what , tomorrow is my birthday !! I have a big fat photobomb for you babes. This is just a sneakpeek. Wish you all a wild weekend bitches LOOOOVE


My little castle, my own space, no fools and my own rules (NO RULES)!

PS: Please don´t ask me what went wrong with my hair. I have no idea.

Shoes- H&M, fake fur- FLEAMARKET, Legging- ZARA, Kimono- H&M, Top- PRIMARK, Glasses-ASOS

Hello babes! After a long break, I am back. Got lots of new pictures for you! Stay tuned!!

Top- ASOS, sunglasses- ASOS


All sunglasses are from zerouv ZEROUV CLICKK ! Yes they have the best sunglasses and you know what!? They are so unbelievable cheap!!!! Check it out !!. Oh wait, the white cat eye sunnie is from ASOS.

Sweet 19 part one. I think we are too sexy for you haha. Wonderful memories. Bad quality pictures are my favourites at the moment. I think you noticed that.