Some photos I totally forgot to post. We wanted to rock two of my favourite glasses from ZEROUV. 
You can buy the white one here and the black one here
You won´t regret buying these beautys bitches!!

Glasses- SIXX, Shoes- BUFFALO, Leggings- ZARA, Jacket- SECONDHAND

Spend the day with my favourite, freaky and gay best friend. I call him Qualle. We walked through the streets of our little  and ugly Frankfurt, ate some food at a restaurant and took a lot of wanna be Paparazzi pics. We are a very strange couple together. Weird I guess.

Shoes-, kimono-H&M, Leggings- ZARA, Body chain- ASOS, glasses- SIXX

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!! Yep, now I am 20 years old. Time flys quickly which is really scary haha.
But I feel very inspired the last few days which means a lot of new pictures are coming soon <3 p="">


I am back !!!! And guess what , tomorrow is my birthday !! I have a big fat photobomb for you babes. This is just a sneakpeek. I wear my favourite body chain from Asos. Love it.
 Wish you all a wild weekend bitches LOOOOVE


My little castle, my own space, no fools and my own rules (NO RULES)!

PS: Please don´t ask me what went wrong with my hair. I have no idea.

Shoes- H&M, fake fur- FLEAMARKET, Legging- ZARA, Kimono- H&M, Top- PRIMARK, Glasses-ASOS

Hello babes! After a long break, I am back. Got lots of new pictures for you! Stay tuned!!