I think we need more fantasy and magic in life to surrive the reality. 
The little things can make you happy. I need Davidoff cigarettes, dark coffee, good pictures, my friends, fake lashes, long nails, soy milk, long talks with my mom, roses in my room, candles, Dolce&Gabbana-the one parfum, lipsticks, monster heels, the movie factory girl and breakfast at tiffanys, electro and techno, leo prints, fake fur jackets, to sew things, to dress up for no reason, to dream about my future, to dream about my life in NY which I will have someday and to write my feelings or thoughts down on paper.
Read that shit.


  1. I think I'm slowly falling for you, you're a beauty and those are words that describe my life perfectly <3

    1. Awww thank you babe <3
      Nice to hear that I am not alone with these thoughts!!

  2. you are seriously inspirational. I need coffee and roses and fabulous fancy things too. I hate being boring, creativity is a blessing xxxx